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"... Se dice que si conoces a los demás y te conoces a ti mismo, ni en cien batallas correras peligro; si no conoces a los demás, pero te conoces a ti mismo, perderás una batalla y ganarás otra; si no conoces a los demás ni te conoces a ti mismo, correrás peligro en cada batalla" Sun Tzu; EL Arte de la Guerra.

--> Tomo prestado uno de mis últimos posts en mi fotolog para crear un mix de posts con “ this horrible English of mine

> Zis! Zas!

> This is just another stupid photo collage …
(don’t even think that I’m trying to be/sound funny it’s just that I’m a bit lazy today to create a fabulous ultra intelligent collage) Anyway

This is the place where it’s gonna ben situated my next future office…. It’s not that high if you compare it
to it’s relatives around Park Ave or Manhattan, but considering that’s almost 90 metres high (think about the BBVA building in Bilbao) I must say that’s a big change taking into account that I am actually working in a 3 floor building….

I think I am gaining control over my life loosing it.

This is one of the first times in my life in which I am really afraid about my future. The point is that it is not because my future job but ‘cause I am going to be far away from those who I love.

As I said some time ago: shit happens, but this time I am pretty confident that it would help me to be a better person in a near future (both professionally and spiritually)

I needed this experience since long time ago. Even I realize it’s gonna be difficult to be so far away.

I am accepting because it is a great chance to know who I am and what I want in this stupid life in which any unlucky choice may fuck you up.

Be whatever you want to be my friends. Find your own way to your dreams but remember that you must keep the balance between your Ying and your Yang.

Cheers ;-)

Ps: I’ll improve my English. I promise.

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